What it means to partner

We recognize the Biblical basis and need for partnership. It is not God’s design that any church or any leader fulfills the Great Commission on their own. There also is a recognition of the Biblical basis and need for trans-local ministry, as outlined in Ephesians 4: 1–16, and the anointing and gifts of those on the NCMI team.


Relationship and accountability is strategic and key to the effective ministry of the Church. This is why we often say, “friendship, not just function.” We are on a mission together, committed and submitted to each other, serving and preserving our friendships and actively building our relationships.


Partnering with us must be something God has called you to. We need to be unified together in theology and heart, while holding to diversity in gifting and grace as we contend for our values together.


In partnership we give of our resources without reservation. We give our people in our churches to this work as well as partnering financially.


As we partner, we take responsibility in the message of the Gospel, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the mission of the ministry, and our mandate to the nations. We do this together.


As we partner we share in God’s rewards and the wonderful inheritance that he has for us, together. We share in the increase, the blessing, and in the break-through across the world.

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